AusBiotech Conference | Australia Biotech Invest & Partnering Conference

News Update

Patrys CEO, Dr James Campbell, has composed some thoughts about his participation in AusBiotech’s upcoming events – the annual AusBiotech Conference (25-29 Oct 2021) and Australia Biotech Invest & Partnering Conference (26 Oct 2021):

There is no shortage of innovation in the biotech sector. Novel ideas and technologies abound, which makes it an exciting and inspiring space to operate. However, while new discoveries and opportunities are constantly emerging, these ideas rarely make it to market on the strength of science alone. 

In my experience, the secret of success lies in the alignment of some key ingredients – the right technology, the right investors, and the right people – all at the right time. In short, great ideas attract great people. And great people attract financial capital.

Bringing people together is one of the key objectives of 2021 AusBiotech Conference. As a long-time participant, and now member of the AusBiotech board, I have seen firsthand the benefits of gathering the best and brightest within the life sciences community in one place. Industry events, such as the AusBiotech conference, are about encouraging conversation, sharing perspectives and strengthening connections, all of which are vital for the continuing growth and advancement of the Australian biotechnology sector.

This year I am honoured to be Chairing a session by international keynote speaker, Dr Niels Emmerich, Vice President, Global Head Search & Evaluation at AbbVie. Drawing on his vast experience, Dr Emmerich will provide valuable insights on what makes for successful research collaborations between academic institutions and biotech companies, and I encourage you to attend this session.

Keynote session overview:

“Current pharma models for accessing novel technologies: opportunities and challenges for biotechs and universities.”

  • Sourcing and identifying novel technology – emerging best practice.
  • How do they get assessed?
  • What does stage-appropriate evidence look like?
  • Models for partnering when data is not mature enough for pharma licensing.

When: 9.00-9.30am AEDT, Thursday 28 Oct 2021
Where: Online / virtual webinar
Register: Click HERE to register for the AusBiotech Conference (25-29 Oct 2021)

I am also presenting on behalf of Patrys at the Australia Biotech Invest & Partnering Conference on Tuesday 26 October, where I’ll be sharing our latest investor presentation alongside other CEOs and executives , followed by a live 20-30 minute Q&A.

When: 9:45 – 11:15am AEDT, Tuesday 26 Oct 2021
Where: Online / virtual webinar
Register: Click HERE to register for the Australia Biotech Invest & Partnering Conference (26 Oct 2021)

Building and strengthening relationships have never been more important, and the virtual format of this year’s conference has made it easy for everyone to participate. I look forward to seeing you there – and joining the conversation online too – #AusBio21 #AusBioInv.