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Patrys is pleased to announce the publication of new data in the highly-regarded Journal of Clinical Investigation – Insight, demonstrating the ability of its PAT-DX1 antibody to cross the blood-brain barrier and inhibit the growth of brain cancers and metastases. 

Most antibodies are unable to cross cell membranes or the blood-brain barrier, limiting their use in treating cancers of the brain. However, this latest research led by Dr James Hansen at Yale School of Medicine has shown the potential of Patrys’ unique deoxymab platform for tackling these difficult-to-reach-and-treat cancers.

Human glioblastoma cells were implanted in the brains of mice, which were then treated with PAT-DX1 once tumours had become established in the brain.

According to Dr Hansen:

These data demonstrate the ability of DX1 to suppress tumour growth and significantly improve survival in laboratory models of glioblastoma and of triple negative breast cancer brain metastases. 

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