New data shows PAT-DX3 able to cross the blood brain barrier

ASX Announcements

In an exciting development, Patrys today announced new data confirming its full-sized IgG deoxymab antibody, PAT-DX3, is able to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in animal models of primary brain cancer. 

This data follows recent studies showing the deoxymab antibody fragment, PAT-DX1, is able to cross the BBB in animal models of primary and secondary brain cancer.

Most antibodies are unable to cross cell membranes or the blood-brain barrier, limiting their use in treating cancers of the brain. However, Dr James Hansen at Yale School of Medicine has shown the potential of Patrys’ lead deoxymab, PAT-DX1, for tackling these difficult-to-reach-and-treat cancers.

The Company plans to conduct follow up studies to compare the effects of both PAT-DX3 and PAT-DX1 on tumour reduction and survival in brain cancer.

Patrys CEO and MD, Dr James Campbell said:

We are very excited by this new discovery that opens up a range of development and partnering opportunities for Patrys around PAT-DX3. As PAT-DX3 shares a common mechanism of action with PAT-DX1, it is expected that it will also localise to both primary and secondary tumours in the brain and selectively kill cancer cells by blocking their DNA Damage Repair (DDR) systems. 

Read today’s ASX release here.