PAT-DX1 Engineering Run Successfully Completed

ASX Announcements

Patrys has today announced a positive update on the second engineering run for its lead asset PAT-DX1, a critical step for ensuring we can manufacture at commercial scale.

This follows an earlier set-back when the first engineering run for PAT-DX1 was unsuccessful due to low recoveries of drug product during the purification phase. 

Patrys CEO and MD, Dr James Campbell, was delighted to share the news today:

“This is an outstanding result, and a tribute to the close working relationship between Patrys and our CDMO. The commercial‑scale manufacture of antibodies is a complex, multi‑dimensional process. The efforts made to understand and remediate the issues with the first engineering run have been both extensive and exhaustive. We are delighted that this has delivered such a successful outcome.”

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