PAT-DX1 Improves Survival in Animal Model of Brain Cancer

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Patrys is pleased to share promising new preclinical research results today.

A new animal study has found that PAT-DX1, in combination with radiation therapy, improves survival in an animal model of brain cancer. 

The study, which was conducted in the laboratory of Professor Terrance Johns at the Telethon Kids Cancer Centre, showed that combining a therapeutic dose of radiation with PAT-DX1 resulted in significantly prolonged survival in mice, compared to radiation treatment alone. 

Additionally, the data also showed that even at a lower dose, PAT-DX1 as a single agent showed significant activity, confirming previous studies in brain cancer models

These results provide strong support for the potential use of PAT-DX1 to improve outcomes for patients with high-grade glioma – an aggressive and clinically challenging form of brain cancer. 

Professor Terrance Johns said: 

“These impressive results offer the potential for future clinical strategies that allow the reduction of radiation doses and its associated side effects, particularly in children. We are excited to be working with Patrys as we work to optimize strategies for combining standard of care with PAT-DX1 therapies.”

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