PAT-DX3 Crosses Blood Brain Barrier in Healthy Animals

ASX Announcements

Patrys has today released new preclinical data that supports the potential of Patrys’ full-sized IgG antibody, PAT-DX3, to deliver payloads across the blood-brain barrier, even in the absence of brain cancer.

The study in healthy animals compared the relative uptake of radioactively-labelled PAT-DX3 and a control antibody into various tissues. The results showed that concentrations of PAT-DX3 in brain tissue was 3-4 times greater than the control.

These results are consistent with previous data that demonstrated that Patrys’ deoxymabs use a transporter protein called ENT2 to enter cancer cells in the brain. This new data highlights the potential of PAT-DX3 to be used in a variety of clinical applications, including potential use in antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

Patrys’ CEO and Managing Director, Dr James Campbell said:

“This is an important result that opens up a range of potential applications for Patrys and its development partners. PAT‑DX3 appears to out‑perform antibodies specifically developed by other companies for the delivery of payloads to brain tissue. Unlike deoxymabs, none of these other antibodies are able to deliver their payloads into the cell and the cell nucleus. These properties unfold a range of applications for using deoxymabs to deliver small molecule therapeutics and gene editing technologies directed to various neurological targets and conditions.”

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