Patrys demonstrates potential for deoxmabs in antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

ASX Announcements

Today Patrys announced new data from a successful preclinical study highlighting the potential for using our deoxymab antibodies as targeting agents in antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

ADCs harness the targeting attributes of antibodies to deliver payloads specifically to the sites of disease, and are one of the most active areas of drug development

The study data confirms that it is possible to conjugate the anticancer drug monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE) to Patrys’ full-sized IgG deoxymab, PAT-DX3. MMAE conjugated to PAT-DX3 was shown to inhibit tumour growth by 99.7% in mice implanted with human breast cancer cells, showing that deoxymabs can be used to effectively target delivery to tumours in animals. 

According to Patrys CEO and Managing Director, Dr James Campbell:

“We are very excited by the potential of using our deoxymabs as the basis for new ADCs. This work has shown that deoxymabs can be used to target cancers and, by using a potent and validated ADC payload, deliver a drug. As with the therapeutic applications we are working on, the ability of our deoxymab antibodies to target multiple types of cancer, enter the cell and cell nucleus, and transit the blood brain barrier provides some really novel ways for using them as targeting agents for ADCs. 

“This study has clearly demonstrated the proof of concept and is expected to open up a range of potential development or partnering opportunities for the Company.”

Read today’s ASX release here.