Patrys in The Australian


Patrys appears on page 7 of The Australian today as part of a story secured with the newspaper’s Health Editor, Natasha Robinson.

The story, “Breakthrough drug to treat brain cancer”, summarises the significance of new preclinical data for our deoxymab antibody PAT-DX1, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation – Insight, announced to market yesterday.

A short excerpt from the article:

Researchers have developed the first antibody drug that could treat brain cancer, with the therapy able to cross the blood-brain barrier in a major feat for science.

There is currently little hope for brain cancer patients as drugs are unable to penetrate into the brain to shrink the cancer cells.

But now Australian biotech company Patrys has worked with scientists in the US to develop a tumour-targeting autoantibody, dubbed PAT-DX1, which has been shown in animal studies to significantly inhibit the growth of tumours in three models of cancer, including brain and breast cancer.

The therapy works by passing through a membrane transporter called ENT2, allowing the drug to penetrate into cells, block DNA repair and shrink tumours.

Deoxymab-1 (DX1) is a DNA-damaging autoantibody that is lethal to cancer cells with defects in the DNA damage response.

Read full article in The Australian here.