Positive preclinical data for deoxymabs in vasculitis

ASX Announcements

Patrys has announced that new data from preclinical studies using PAT-DX1 and PAT-DX3 in animal models of the autoimmune disease anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) vasculitis were presented by Dr Kim O’Sullivan from Monash University during the plenary session at the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop in Barcelona overnight.

Patrys has reported results from non-clinical studies which showed that its deoxymabs suppress the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs). Emerging research suggests that NETs may play an important role in cancer development, metastasis, and inflammatory processes.

As the formation of NETs is one of the underlying processes in the development of the autoimmune disease ANCA vasculitis, Dr O’Sullivan extended these findings by examining the impact of Patrys’ deoxymabs in an animal model of the disease.

Key results from these studies include:

  • PAT-DX1 and PAT-DX3 are both able to inhibit the formation of NETs in an animal model of ANCA vasculitis;
  • Both deoxymabs reduced the level of inflammation and kidney injury in the animal model of ANCA vasculitis;
  • However, neither PAT-DX1 nor PAT-DX3 had any detrimental effect on neutrophils indicating that their administration did not result in any suppression of the immune system.

Patrys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dr. James Campbell, said:

“ANCA vasculitis is a challenging condition and, while current treatments have transformed it into a relapsing/remitting disease, they are associated with increased drug-related toxicities and organ damage. In view of this, we believe a therapeutic that is able to reduce the inflammation associated with this disease without suppressing the immune system could provide a very attractive therapeutic option for patients. It is particularly exciting to see the potential opportunities to develop or partner our deoxymab technology expand while our GMP manufacturing of PAT-DX1 is underway and nearing completion.”

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