Preclinical data supports synthetic lethality application

ASX Announcements

A new preclinical study exploiting the novel ability of deoxymabs to enter the cell nucleus to disrupt the cell’s DNA Damage Response (DDR) systems, has validated the potential use of Patrys’ full-sized IgG antibody, PAT-DX3, for synthetic lethality strategies to treat relevant cancers. 

‘Synthetic lethality’ is a treatment strategy which involves targeting a specific genetic mutation or pathway that is essential for tumour cell survival. In tumours with pre-existing mutations that compromise DDR systems – such as BRCA2 negative breast cancer – adding a deoxymab could make it susceptible to the accumulation of DNA damage, causing tumour cell death.   

Patrys’ CEO and Managing Director, Dr James Campbell said: 

“This study, requested by a potential partner as part of Patrys’ ongoing business development activities, confirms the potential to use deoxymabs as a single agent to treat cancers which have pre-existing mutations that compromise their DDR systems, including BRCA2 negative breast cancer and other cancers. In addition, Patrys is looking at using deoxymabs in combination with DNA damaging therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapies, and as a delivery agent for small molecules and nucleic acids.” 

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