Quarterly Activities Report and 4C | 31 December 2023

ASX Announcements

Patrys has today released its Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 4C Quarterly Cash Flow report for the quarter ended 31 December 2023.

Key highlights from this period include:

  • GMP manufacturing slot for PAT‑DX1 secured for Q1 CY2024 to provide drug material for first‑in‑human clinical trial expected to commence in 2H CY2024
  • GLP toxicology studies for PAT-DX1 have not identified any safety or tolerability issues that are likely to affect the proposed Phase 1 clinical trial of PAT‑DX1
  • A Master Cell Bank (MCB) for PAT‑DX3 has been characterised and validated, and an integration manufacturing run has been successfully completed

The Company had a cash and short‑term investment balance of $4.5 million on 31 December 2023.

 Patrys CEO and MD, Dr James Campbell said:

“It is very exciting to be going into 2024 with a new manufacturing slot for PAT‑DX1 secured which puts Patrys on a clear trajectory to initiate its first‑in‑human clinical trial in the second half of the year. Following the thorough investigation and audit that was conducted around the manufacturing process, Patrys is confident that the drug material from this manufacturing run will enable the Company to initiate this landmark trial. As the GLP toxicology studies that have been completed in rats and non‑human primates have not identified any safety or tolerability issues associated with the administration of PAT‑DX1, this is expected to be the final step before Patrys can commence engaging clinicians and trial sites in order to formally initiate the clinical trial process.””

Read today’s ASX release here.