Two New Patents Granted by US Patent and Trademark Organisation

ASX Announcements

Patrys’ deoxymab platform has been further strengthened by the granting of two new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Organisation (US PTO), providing expanded intellectual property protection until 2039.

The first patent, co-filed with Yale University, is the first US patent to be granted specifically for PAT-DX1 and PAT-DX3, the humanised forms of the original 3E10 antibody. The second patent covers the combination of deoxymabs with nanocarriers that can potentially provide a powerful new approach for treating cancer.

Patrys’ CEO and Managing Director, Dr James Campbell said:

“The granting of these two patents provides Patrys with robust intellectual property covering both the humanised form of the antibody and its conjugated form. The Company has multiple patents granted in the United States and other major jurisdictions which cover a broad range of applications for using deoxymabs to treat cancer and deliver therapeutic payloads. As well as expanding Patrys’ patent estate, these new patents provide the intellectual property coverage to enable the Company or potential partners or licensees to invest in development programs for these applications.”

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