Bioshares | August 2021


Patrys has been featured in the latest edition of investor newsletter Bioshares. 

Bioshares has previously focused on the unmet needs of the types of cancer that our lead agent, PAT-DX1 will target in the clinic. The new publication highlights the strength of Patrys’ extensive global R&D program as we explore the full potential of our deoxymab platform.

The author noted:
“There is a large amount of work going on around the world looking at the unique biology of Patrys’ deoxymabs and how they can be harnessed to provide new therapeutic options for cancers patients. James Campbell, CEO, expects this work will lead to multiple publications on Patrys’ unique deoxymab technology platform with up to six additional scientific papers to be published within the next 12 months.” 

We think this review does a great job of highlighting the value we are building in Patrys, and recognising the worth the market has historically placed on platform assets of this type.

Read it here