PAT-DX3 Cell Line Selected

ASX Announcements

Patrys today announced that it has now developed and optimised a stable cell line for production of our full-sized IgG deoxymab, PAT-DX3.

Establishing a stable, high-yield cell line suitable for commercial production of clinical-grade material is a critical milestone for the Company. Work can now commence on the development of a commercial scale manufacturing process for GMP‑grade (Good Manufacturing Practice) PAT-DX3 deoxymab.

Patrys CEO and Managing Director, Dr James Campbell said:

“There is significant of interest in PAT-DX3 both as a therapeutic agent in its own right and for the intracellular delivery of therapeutic payloads intracellularly, and across the blood brain barrier. With this key reagent now developed and in hand, we can rapidly move into optimising a commercial-scale production process to support both the clinical and partnering opportunities we have for PAT-DX3.”

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